Corporate Crime

In this area we focus on proceedings related to:

  • Fraud/Wrongful appropriation
  • White-collar crime
  • Punishable insolvency
  • Crimes against industrial property and copyright
  • Financial crimes
  • Tax crimes
  • Environmental crimes
  • Civil liability derived from criminal acts

Alongside these issues a greater number of directors understand the need to prevent and manage the criminal risks of their firms as the mere criminal investigation related to company, tax, development or environmental crimes, traffic of influence money laundering and so on, could have devastating effects on the credit and daily operations of a company.

The entry of criminal law into the commercial and company areas has brought with it a notable increase in the possibilities of a company finding itself involved in criminal proceedings with the consequent reputational, operative and financial costs, to name a few, along with the negative consequences which could affect the directors and managers themselves.

The possibility of the company answering for the crimes that their directors have committed, or should have prevented, requires companies to adopt active policies of diligence for crime prevention, known as Corporate Compliance.

The service that we offer includes a programme that analyses the specific characteristics of the company in question, and develops Criminal Risk Management and Corporate Crime Prevention Protocols for it. These instruments reduce the criminal risks for the company, its directors and managers and, should there be a criminal investigation, places the company in the best position- that of collaborator in a criminal investigation.