Corportate and Tax advice:

  • Merger and/or demerger agreements, exchange of values, and relocation of business units
  • Company acquisition operations
  • Restructuring, company reorganisation and fiscal optimisation operations.
  • Advice and design of the ideal structure of each business group, adapted to the needs of each sector and to possible agreements between partners.
  • International growth and expansion processes of Spanish companies.
  • Establishment processes of foreign companies in Spain.
  • Fiscal planning of business activity and of internationalisation processes of Spanish companies.

Commercial advicese, with special focus on

  • National and International commercial contracts
  • Advice on the negotiation of agreements, contracts, administrative concessions and public procurement, in Spain or overseas.
  • Company Law
  • Joint ventures/Partners’ agreements
  • Financing and refinancing agreements

Family business.

  • Advice is also directed at offering specific and personalised solutions to the needs and characteristics of family businesses in matters such as:
  • Planning for generational change and formalisation of family protocols and development tools.
  • Company statutes
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Wills within the business family
  • Marriage settlements
  • Business group restructuring
  • Expansion and internationalisation process advice.