Advice on the legal strategies to achieve successful company restructurings, searching for efficient solutions, specialised and creative advice being of the utmost importance.

Filing of insolvency proceedings and offering advice throughout the process and after that, the voluntary agreement or liquidation.
We can advise the insolvent party, its creditors or we can act as liquidator.

Negotiation, before and during insolvency, of agreements with financial entities and creditors in general. The sale of assets, business units, legal structuring of viability plans.

Analysis of the security package, viability plan and of the debt repayment schedule, preparation of stress tests for security in the event of insolvency, and protection of the creditor’s repayment agreement.

Liabilities of administrators, managers or representatives of insolvent companies, or those on the verge of insolvency. Defence, during and before the legal process of insolvency, of those people affected by an act of liability.